Healthy Foods That You Should Eat Frequently

Besides fruits and vegetables, you should also drink at least eight to twelve glasses of water each day. You should also eat three to four servings of dark green vegetables a week, including broccoli, peppers, brussel sprouts, spinach, and kale. Also, you should eat whole grains at least twice a day, preferably those with five grams of fiber per serving. And, for an added boost of fiber, try eating legumes once or twice a week.

Processed food contains large amounts of saturated fat, which can cause inflammation. Saturated fats are found in butter, creamer, margarine, and cheese. Eating too many of these unhealthy fats can lead to chronic diseases and heart disease. And, if you want to lose weight and prevent heart disease, you should eat foods that contain more fiber. But, you must remember that consuming more carbohydrates can increase your weight and lead to obesity.

Despite its name, there’s no real definition of “superfoods” – except for the fact that these are superfoods. They’re multitaskers packed with disease-fighting nutrients and delivered in tasty forms. But how can you choose which ones to include in your meals? Here are 10 everyday superfoods:

Beans are a good choice for protein, as they’re low in fat and high in fiber. They also contain a large amount of antioxidants, and a half-cup of black beans contains seven grams of protein. A cup of black beans has just 109 calories. They are also low in cost and can be added to soups, salads, tacos, and no-cook dishes.

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